Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Highlight: Area Home

Along the Delaware River sits Lambertville, NJ, once a manufacturing town is now a quaint and artsy town which hosts antique shops, artisan boutiques, cafes, and restaurants all nestled along picturesque streets made up of lovely Victorian homes and former mills.

Located on the second floor of a former factory you will find a little jem of a place called Area Home. In establishment for eight years, but in its new location for just under a year, Area Home is a well-edited selection of furniture, lighting, objects d’art, with a scattering of stylish books, and is run by its lovely proprietor, Lori Johnson.

The space has maintained the original character of its former life – first a factory that made spokes for horse drawn carriages and then a Ford Model-T showroom – keeping the exposed beams and wood plank flooring. The brick walls have been given fresh coat of white paint. Behind the customer service desk is a fresh green backdrop with the store’s logo and name that is one and the same in crisp white lettering. The simplicity of the space showcases the store’s offerings that have been arranged in lovely vignettes throughout.

Area Home carries lighting by Jamie Young, porcelain by Middle Kingdom, upholstered furniture by Cisco Brothers, to name a few...

Disclaimer: You will have to pardon the not so great images which were taken with my iPhone. Truthfully, photography has never been my strong suit.

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