Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Very first post....

Settee...for me....

As a textile designer, I adore pattern and color. I have a background in interior design as well so I am obsessed with looking at images of interiors and I am always fantasizing about designing and redecorating. However, my husband, who will be referred to as "A.", and I are not quite yet owners of our own home. Therefore my imaginary home looks amazing (also referred to as "my virtual house" among friends and family) while our rental townhouse is okay for now and I have done the best I can to reflect our taste. Although A. would say it reflects my taste and not so much his...I guess turquoise, pink, coral, green and orange would not be his preferred palette.

For my virtual house I have been totally obsessed lately with getting a vintage settee like the very first settee pictured which I found on Craigslist. It has great potential, but sadly there is no space for me to take it in. Can't you imagine upholstering it in a saturated color like the hot pink one above or with some gorgeous print like the Louisa Settee currently available through Anthropologie (also pictured)? If anyone lives in the Philadelphia area and is in want of a settee, I hope it is still available for you. If you are the lucky person who gets your hands on it and want some advice on what to upholster it in, I would be glad to chime in. It is a blank canvas waiting for some color!

Hot Pink Settee - found on Absolutely Beautiful Things blog

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