Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lush and Lovely...

I have returned from my vacation in New Hampshire well rested and wishing I had a green thumb. Look at these gorgeous dinner plate dahlias we saw at Spring Ledge Farm in New London, NH. They are so lush, full and lovely. They are one of my very favorite flowers. I told A. that when we finally own a house I would like to have a flower cutting garden. This will be a huge endeavor being that I have what I like to call a very brown thumb. A. on the other hand is very good in the garden and you would think that I would have picked up a thing or two from such luck. However, I am feeling so inspired right now that who knows, I just might turn it around. I assure you that if I do dinner plate dahlias will be some of the first flowers I plant.

Image: my iPhone

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