Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Tablescape: 3.27.11

Orange Ornithogalum , Yellow Mum + Pink Snapdragon

The Ornithogalum lasted all week and are still going strong. Clearly a hearty flower, while the tulips from last week's Weekend Tablescape became quite the delicate flowers. With the Ornithogalum still going strong, I thought that I would incorporate them into this week's Weekend Tablescape. This would have come sooner, but my first trip to Whole Foods on Saturday was not very fruitful, but they must have replenished today since I walked out with these gorgeous yellow Mums and pink Snapdragons. I have been into the Pink, Orange and Yellow color combo lately. It feels so springy while the weather outside still feels very wintery. Come on warm weather, why can't you begin to reflect the warm citrusy and springlike colors in this image?

Oh winter, time for you to say goodbye and spring, time for you to show your colors and for me to wear my favorite clothes...


dressed by style said...

such zingy, vibrant colours! Great tablescape. x Megan

Erin @ Kelly and Horne said...

Thank you Megan!