Monday, November 14, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

(Clockwise from Upper Left)

Dwell Studio has done it again. No surprise there. I recently received the new Dwell Studio Global Modern Luxe book for Robert Allen at work and let me tell you....AMAZING. I most into Masala in Toffee which is a simple and elegant geometric jacquard that is really versatile. A. and I have a loveseat in our bedroom which has been in need of reupholstering for some time and this may very well be the fabric. Of course I cannot not just stop there. I have to think about the bedding which is well overdue for a change up. I am thinking of incorporating my good old standby of Restoration Hardware Hotel Duvet and Shams, fold in Eileen Fisher Crushed Silk Quilt and Shams in Truffle Grey and Eileen Fisher Open Stitch Percale Sheeting Pale Orchid. For a little decorative pattern I would have a long bolster made in Dwell Studio's Aravali in Blush. I think that West Elm's Wood Tiled 3-Drawer Dresser flanking either side of the bed would pull it all together perhaps top them with antique mercury glass lamps such as the ones shown above would give it a little bit of glamour. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where Did The Time Go!?!

Image: Amazon

Have you ever had those weeks where you wake up one morning and think, "Where the #%*@ did the time go!?!"
Well...that has been my last two weeks! Work has been crazy busy, I have been working toward a project outside of work all while trying to tackle some sort of bug that leaves me totally and utterly exhausted by 4:00 in the afternoon. Not sure what that is all about. I have been riddled with guilt over my lack of posts especially since I was starting to get back on track with posting on a regular basis. Well...I guess I just have to embrace it and move on. Today is a new day.