Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Urban Zen

Image: Urban Zen

When it comes to clothing I seem to be all over the place. Some days I gravitate toward somewhat preppy, bright and happy colors, and then I gravitate toward neutrals, whites, blacks and greys. Although my tastes may fluctuate depending on what mood I am in, ever since I was  a young girl I have loved the style of Donna Karan. I recently came across the website of her more recent venture, Urban Zen. The clothes are beautiful. What adds to the beauty is that attached to the clothing line is a foundation, also called Urban Zen, whose mission is (taken directly from the site):

"The Urban Zen Foundation creates, connects and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children in mind, body and spirit. Urban Zen designs forums, partners with existing organizations and brings together experts to define solutions and implement action."

Images: Urban Zen

As a designer I have been trying to find a way to meld design with the purpose of doing good in some way. I am still on that path, trying to find the direction to go in. I feel inspired by what Donna Karan has created.

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