Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another..."Simple and So Good!"

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I really did not expect this, but yet again I find myself wanting to share another simple, yet OH SO GOOD! snack, meal, whatever. I did not make it to the store this weekend due to a busy schedule around the house and beyond, but a girl and her guy still need to eat. I am firm believer, and this snack/meal has only confirmed my belief, that some of the best meals are made with the simplest of ingredients. Allow for me to share...

What it takes:
- Sourdough or any country style bread loaf - slice it about 1" thick 
- Parmesan or Pecorino Romano - a nice wedge from your local store's cheese section
- Tomatoes - garden fresh or whatever is available to you...and ripe!
- Basil - fresh is best!
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Fresh cracked pepper - if you have a pepper mill

The steps:
- Preheat oven to 250-300 degrees
- Cut 1-inch slices of bread of choice and place on baking sheet
- Grate cheese of choice over the bread slices - I love both options and promise that either is a brilliant choice
- Place bread slices in oven - keep an eye on them as you prep the other stuff - keep them in there for a few minutes and YOU judge when you think they are long as they are not charred. 
- Grab about 1 large basil leaves per slice of bread - I like to pull from our potted basil out back, but if you buy from the store, that is OK too. Whatever works. Wash and chop the basil leaves. Evenly distribute the chopped basil among the slices of bread.
Cut tomato into wedges and allocate three to a slice on top of the basil - if you are leftover with any tomato, store it in the fridge or eat and enjoy. I do the latter. Love tomatoes!
- Crack some pepper over each slice
- Shave a little bit more cheese over each slice
- Drizzle (go gently) the extra virgin olive oil over each slice
- Eat and enjoy!

I just gobbled my last bite and was a little bummed that it was already over. However, I am now on to thinking about some other ways to use Olive Oil. 

I am currently thinking about Vanilla Bean ice cream drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped with chopped Rosemary. I was listening to NPR the other day and someone mentioned some iteration of this. It sounded heavenly. Has anyone made anything like this? If so, please share!!!

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