Sunday, July 15, 2012

Savoring Sunday Mornings...

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I love weekend mornings (who doesn't?). I am usually up WAY before A. and I take that time to hang with the pets, sip coffee, look at blogs and consider the day ahead. Since I am out the door pretty early to head into NYC for work during the week, I love to take the time and eat an actual breakfast. Anywhere from waffles, eggs, cereal, to greek yogurt. This morning I have opted for waffles with real maple syrup from Maine (my sister always brings me back a bottle from her annual vacations there) and locally grown blueberries. A super food I might add. 

Today on the (exciting, hold your breath) "to do" list:
- work on the house...tasks that seem to never end
- laundry
- dinner later on with some family who will be in the area

Studio work has been neglected lately and I have all of these ideas in my head. I may try to steal some time later on for this, but we shall see!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Mary C. Nasser said...

I love my quiet time in the mornings, too. Fresh maple syrup and blueberries sound heavenly!

Wishing you all the best,
Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)