Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finding Joy

Images: Oh Joy

Although I have been a fan for some time, I would say that one of the blogs out that has grown even more on me as a favorite is Oh Joy!. As a lifestyle blog I appreciate the diversity of her posts - food, fashion, decor, art and design - and that she shares her life as a mom and a wife. 

The other week I had the pleasure of attending the book party at West Elm in NYC for her newest book, Blog Inc. The timing of it coincided with Blogging Your Way Boot Camp taught by Holly Becker of Decor8 which I am currently enrolled in (can you tell that I am wanting to rework my blog?).  Joy talked to the crowd about how she started, what to do when one is not feeling inspired, Pinterest, and why she recently revamped her blog format - just to name a few. 

Joy recently decided to revamp the format of her blog where all of the posts come from her. Previously she had contributors posting on various themes, etc., but in the last year she felt that she wanted it to come from one voice, especially when she became a mother and her posts were more about those new experiences. Not only did Joy share this the other week at her book party, but she shared that on her blog. Very honest, very real. 

Coupled with the content change, Joy tweaked the design of her blog. The essence is still there, it has just evolved. The logo is still the same, the layout a little different, and I love the additional of the hanger at the top of each post. Nice touch. 

If you have not checked out Oh Joy!, I highly recommend you do. I think you will enjoy. If you have not picked up Blog Inc. and you are a blogger, you may want to check it out. Very informative and very helpful. 

I would love to know what you look for in a blog. Please share!


Tina Ramchandani said...

I wanted to attend the west elm event but unfortunately had other plans. Read the book, it was so helpful!
xTina (from BYW)

Ellen at Nelley Kelley said...

Hi Erin
I just found your blog while in the BYW forum. I too love the oh Joy blog. What I like best in a blog are great pictures and a really friendly (should I say authentic?) voice. Color also grabs me but in the end I think it's the author's voice that keeps me there. I haven't read Blog Inc yet but do have Blogging for Creatives on my shelf. Both the book and Holly's class have given me so much to think about. I enjoyed your blog.
See you around the BYW campus.

Erin @ Kelly and Horne said...

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it! Going out of town this weekend, but hope to be back in the class starting Sunday.

I checked out your blog. I like the layout and the variety. See you in class.

Hi Tina,
I was glad I went - made myself leave work and well worth it - sorry you missed it.


Little Paper Trees said...

I'm reading the book too and heard about the West Elm event - wish there was one in Sydney :) Here from BYW..

Lauren said...

I just finished reading Blog Inc! It's so informative! I love your blog. You have done a really nice job!

Lauren @ BYW.