Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little DIY...

The other week I mentioned that I had some DIY projects that I wanted to get to. are a few done so far...

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I had had making roman shades to replace the mini blinds in our house on my "to do/project list" for some time, but when I started researching all the supplies that one needed and knowing that A. was not up for drilling anymore holes into what we just recently painted, I was kind of at a loss. 

I was reading Little Green Notebook one day and...Alas! There is a tutorial on making a roman shade using a mini blind mechanism. GENIUS! I thought: I have mini blinds (much to my chagrin)! I have extra fabric lying around (I am in the textile biz after all)! I can use a sewing machine (not great, but enough to get by)! I am totally doing this!

Okay, so I did have to go out and get a couple of things to follow through with the project. I wanted the shade to be lined and rather than gluing the shade to the mini blind mechanism as Jenny at LGN did, I wanted to velcro it, so I had to buy some velcro, plus the rings to sew on the back.

I did a basic tan linen shade (see above) and I did not add trim to the shade. I am still debating on if and what that would be, but I think as it is now is totally fine. A bonus to having added velcro to the shade so in case I do decide to add trim I can easily pull it down and affix the trim. I followed the directions over on LGN, which were very easy to follow creating a soft roman shade. 

I made the one for the bathroom first to see how it went and it turned out pretty well so I moved on to the bedroom.  Fabric selected: white linen for both rooms (did you see my post about loving white?). 

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There's our cat Luca hanging out with the finished products (and the loveseat I dream of recovering, but is WAY down on the list). For these two I added dowels which really help the folds of the shades when pulling them up. 

First I pillowcased the fabrics and when the fabrics were still inside out I glued the dowel to the fabric (per the instruction of another tutorial I found). You are only to use fabric glue in a few spots. Overall it worked out okay, but there are some spots where the dowel popped from the fabric. The next shades I make, which will be for the living room, I may add casings to the lining for the dowels. That will add more time to the project so I am really debating about that.

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A shot of the back of the shade showing a wood slat that cords get tied to so the shade can move up and and down. I sewed it to the shade through the eyes on the slat. I then glued each end to the shades' side seams to give more structure.

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Another shot showing how the fabrics look once pillowcased, turned right side out with a folder seam at the bottom for a finished look. 

I am still deciding on whether to add trim to the shades in the bedroom. I love the simplicity of the white, but do feel they may need a little extra something.

Oh, sorry that some of the pix are not so hot, but hopefully you get the gist. Pretty easy projects and it feels so great to say that I made them!

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