Friday, March 22, 2013

Having Fun with Flowers...

Finally...spring! Although if you live in the Northeast like I do you would not know it. It is so cold! However, last night I brought a little bit of spring into my home.

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I have been wanting to take a floral design class for some time now, but before I enroll in one I decided to take a one evening course held at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. The class was titled Floral Fun Visit England so all of the flowers we used are what you would typically find in an English garden - it is all about color and texture. Each student got their own bucket filled with flowers: Delphinium, Tulips, Dianthus, Snapdragons, Iris, Bells of Ireland and Daffodils. We also had a selection of greens to choose from: salal, ferns, and bear grass. According to the instructor you should chose Salal or Fern, but not both, for an arrangement. I am not sure why, but I opted for the Salal. I love a hanging Fern, but I tend not to like it my floral arrangements. I also offered my Daffodils to another class member for I wanted to stay focused on the pinks, whites and purples that were in the other flowers I got in my bucket. The picture below is the finished product at the class - the container was also provided (would have selected something else, but that is okay) - while the picture above shows it in its home environment.

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It was really interesting to see how everyone's arrangements looked so different from one another and yet we all used the same flowers. Some people went really tall, some people grouped like flowers with like to give a focal point, some people went symmetrical (wish I took pictures!). Me, I have been an admirer of the work of Saipua, a Brooklyn-based florist, for some time - their work has been all over the blogosphere, so you may be familiar - so my arrangement is definitely inspired by their work. I went asymmetrical by extending the Salal on the left side and swept up the height (a little) with the Bells of Ireland on the right.

I love the asymmetry of the arrangement above which is just one example of many GORGEOUS arrangements that Saipua creates. I realize that mine does not look like this, but again, I was inspired. As a textile designer I love to paint flowers and I love the idea of creating arrangements for it is about color, texture and composition. Somehow I would love to marry the two.

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