Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a wrap...

I have been on this DIY kick lately. My weekends have been filled with little projects which I do plan on sharing. Just finished some roman shades for the bedroom and will move on to the living room next. Simultaneously I have been working on a stool for my studio. One hint: it in involves mohair. I will share that once it is complete. The painting process is taking the longest for each coat needs to cure and I only have the weekends to work on my projects.

Moving on...

LOVE the look of fabric wrapped furniture. It added another textural dimension to a piece and it is a nice change up to painting it which is usually my first thought. 

These little cubes by Liz O'Brien are gems...easy to move around and love the agate pattern she has affixed to them. Little jewelry for any room. Check out her site because she also has coffee tables and mirrors using the fabrics. Gorge!

This little waterfall table by Johnson3 is fabulous. Love the print and again, a great piece that can move about the room. I picture a really great cocktail on this. 

Of course the piece I want to attempt to cover with fabric is not a cute little table with simple lines. No. I seem to think that I can fabric wrap my dresser which right now is in a glossy black and I am OVER it. I am slowly working on our bedroom - A. has not picked up on it yet - by softening it up with various shades of whites and creams with some blues.

Thinking of covering it sort of like the one above, but definitely more in the line of the one below which wrapped in raffia. Totally loving this.

I have looked around the internet for raffia fabric and have found some possibilities, but not totally sure. If anyone knows of a great resource please share. Also, if anyone has any tips on how to fabric wrap furniture, especially a dresser, I would love to hear them. I know this is sort of a daunting task, but I am game!

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