Monday, March 18, 2013

Totally Tortoise

I have a confession...I downloaded a few of the episodes of Millionaire Decorators the week I took off from work between Christmas and New Year's. I was curious. 

 via Bravo TV episode 1 I saw these faux tortoise shell tables (above) from Hollyhock and I fell in love. I have always had a thing for tortoise shell. So much so that when I had my first apartment way back when I had painted the facade of my dresser drawers in a faux tortoise shell effect. I wish I had pictures of that dresser...

A. is a furniture and cabinetmaker so when I saw the above tables I thought that he could make the forms and then I could faux paint them in a similar tortoise effect. Then I saw the table below...LOVE!!! 

The table is made by Alpha Workshops and is simpler in form than the ones above and I love the pattern. Not only that, I respect and appreciate the work that Alpha Workshops does which is to provide jobs decorative arts to those that are HIV-positive. Please visit their website to learn more and to see more of their beautiful work. 

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